Definitions for "Inquiries"
An indication of credit investigations made by companies that are considering granting credit to a person who appears on the credit report.
Companies (usually creditors, but sometimes employers and insurance companies) who have requested a copy of your credit report during the previous two years. Every time you apply for credit, an inquiry is added to your credit report. Keeping these inquiries to a minimum is a wise move because too many inquiries can make you look desperate to potential creditors. Promotional Inquiries: These inquiries do not affect your credit file; they're typically run by the businesses that send you credit card offers in the mail.
A section of your credit report stating who has looked at your credit report in the last two years. There are two types of inquiries - hard inquiries and soft inquiries. Hard credit report inquiries are the inquiries about your credit history made by potential lenders and creditors. Soft inquiries are inquiries about your credit history made by you or by your employer.
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