Definitions for "Expenditures"
Charges incurred, whether paid or unpaid, that are presumed to benefit the current fiscal year. For elementary/secondary schools, these include all charges for current outlays plus capital outlays and interest on school debt. For postsecondary institutions, these include current outlays plus capital outlays. For government, these include charges net of recoveries and other correcting transactions, other than retirement of debt, investment in securities, extension of credit, or as agency transactions. Also, government expenditures include only external transactions, such as the provision of prerequisites or other payments in kind. Aggregates for groups of governments exclude intergovernmental transactions among the governments.
The cost of goods delivered, or services rendered, which are recorded as charges to the accounts of an activity or department.
Decreases in net spendable resources; these include current operating expenses that require current or future use of net current assets, payments toward the retirement of general long term debt, and outlays for long term assets.
In cash accounting, actual disbursements of cash or checks.
Money spent by state agencies from the appropriations approved by the Legislature.
The actual spending of money as distinguished from its appropriation. The administration makes expenditures; Congress votes appropriations. The two are rarely identical in any fiscal year, for expenditures may represent money appropriated in previous years.
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