Definitions for "RECEIPTS"
Describes an increase in the assets of a fund including revenues as well as transfers from other funds, federal receipts and fund reimbursements.
Collections from the public and from payments by participants in certain social insurance and other Federal programs. These collections consist primarily of tax revenues and social insurance premiums, but also include receipts from court fines, certain fees, and deposits of earnings by the Federal Reserve System. Total receipts are compared with total outlays in calculating the budget surplus or deficit.
Receipts are collected by the government and include taxes, but also other sources of government income such as user fees.
Purchases of fuel.
Original receipts are required for all airfare, conference registration, laundry, hotel, car rental regardless of amount and for any expenses over $50.
Documentation you obtain and keep for fuel, tolls, packing material, labor costs for packing or loading or unloading, equipment rental.
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Regression coefficient Regression toward the mean
A document certifying possession of a commodity in a licensed warehouse that is recognized for delivery purposes by a commodity futures exchange.
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the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
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money coming in, for example, from selling goods and services or taking out a loan.
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