Definitions for "Proving"
the procedure for ascertaining the effects of substances by administering them to healthy human subjects, then observing and recording the consequent mental, emotional, and physical changes.
A test of the action of a drug upon a healthy human; a record of all the unusual sensations or deviations from the normal; health experienced by the one taking the drug.
A method of testing homeopathic remedies developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who founded homeopathy, in which healthy people receive full-strength doses of a substance and their symptoms are observed and recorded. Highly diluted amounts of the substance are then determined to be remedies for those symptoms in an unhealthy person.
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The granting of probate; approval by a judge that a will contains the last wishes of the deceased
A creditor who claims is referred to as "proving" for his debt, and the document by which he seeks to establish his claim is his "proof".