Definitions for "PAS "
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PAS is a framework to build business applications using databases. It breaks down Web applications into small XML and PHP files. It features code reuse, packaging, forms, reporting, a registry, database abstraction, an event controller, and logs, and applies the M.V.C. pattern . It makes a good foundation for a rapid application development system.
A pace; a step, as in a dance.
Abbreviation for: private advisory station Fr: PAS
eriodic cid & chiff's reagent; histochemical stain for carbohydrates involving production of aldehyde groups by initial treatment with periodic acid, then reaction of these groups with Schiff's reagent to produce a magenta colour.
Periodic acid-Schiff (reaction)
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Pascal program file
Pascal program Borland Turbo Pascal
Pascal Source Code
Personal Attendant Services. See attendants.
Planning and Assurance Services
Payment Assistance Scheme.
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Proud Arabian Stallion
Profile Alignment System:This is a technique for using non electro- optical linked access technology for aligning fibers for splicing.
A sytem where the splicer uses small video cameras for alignment and measurement.
Performance Appraisal System. The system which is annually used to evaluate the performance of Extension personnel. The current system requires the county director to rate each educator in his/her county using a set of established standards as comparison, and to evaluate the extent to which the educator achieved his or her objectives.
Performance analysis System
Performance Algorythm Shifting
parental alienation syndrome. A pattern of behavior in which a child is taught to dislike or fear a natural parent. The term was coined by Dr Richard Gardner to describe divorced parents, but the same syndrome can occur in child protection cases.
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Perris Auto Speedway, located in Perris, CA.
Public Affairs Section
Political-Military Affairs Strategist
FDA Public Affairs Specialist
Publicly Available Specification
Publicly Available Specifications. Refers to standards developed when several leading firms within a market arena or an academic content area join together in a consortium to define an interface standard.
Preliminary Assessment Screening. Replaced by the Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS).
PanAmSat's international satellites. Also an abbreviation for PanAmSat.
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Right of going foremost; precedence.
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passive acquisition sight
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s - Win.
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Party Ad Server
Party Ad Servers
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Post Adoption Support.
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public availability session