Definitions for "Homemaker Services"
Homemaker services are designed to provide household support to seniors wishing to remain in their homes. Services may include shopping or errands, meal preparation, laundry, light housework, personal hygiene assistance and other daily chores. Homemaker services do not include medical or nursing care.
help with light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, and meal preparation.
Household services done by someone else because you are unable to do them yourself. These include nursing services, personal hygiene, house chores, errands, and preparation of meals, laundry and house maintenance.
Is assistance with activities necessary to or consistent with the insured's ability to remain in his or her residence that is provided by a skilled or unskilled person under a plan of care developed by a physician or a multidisciplinary team under medical direction (CIC 10232.9 [b] [4]).