Definitions for "Moderation"
Moderation is the process of assessing the suitability of an entity to hold an Internet website name (the URL address), the suitability of the name itself, and determining whether the proposed name is appropriate in relationship to other websites and the purpose of the website itself. Moderation of the domain name protects the credibility of government websites and email addresses. It ensures that only government agencies (central and local) use websites with the domain, and that agencies have logical and relevant website addresses. Moderation of is the joint responsibility of the State Services Commission (SSC) and the Association of Local Government Information Managers (ALGIM).
the moderation of a process or activity requires an independent evaluation, or broader perspective of plans and their implementation. Moderation relates and compares outcomes against internal or external benchmarks.
This is a process for checking tests that have been marked in school rather than by an external examiner. It is done to make sure the marking is uniform, fair and of the same standard in all schools. The Moderation is carried out by a Moderator who works with teachers in a cluster of schools. The Moderator oversees the marking system used by teachers to ensure everyone is marking according to the approved national guidelines. He/she also acts as a guide if those marking the papers have any queries.
The act of oversight and management in an online environment, such as a discussion forum or chat room. The National Project has published good practice and training for those who were interested in online moderation.
The activity of making sure a post to a Drupal site fits in with what is expected for that Drupal site. Approved A moderated post which has been accepted by the moderators for publication. (See published). Waiting A moderated post which is still being voted on to be accepted for publication. (See published.) Moderators The group of Drupal users that reviews posts before they are published. These users have the "access submission queue" permission. (See Published).
Use of the queue module to have content be reviewed by moderators prior to the content going live (published) See also: comment moderation, default workflow, published
the action of lessening in severity or intensity; "the object being control or moderation of economic depressions"
Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted.
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Some newsgroups and mailing lists are "moderated". In these cases all articles posted to the group are checked by a Moderator. The moderator is free to reject the article. This is usually only done if the article violates the group's charter (e.g. is off-topic like Spam, or is too long) edit the article. This is relatively unusual, but the moderator may correct spelling, factual errors, or remove information supplied in a previous post. Accept the article. In this case the article is forwarded to the newsgroup and mailing list, and enters the public domain. Moderation is a good way of improving the Signal to Noise ratio in a group, but is hard work for the moderators who frequently do the job voluntarily and are unpaid.
Every message sent to a moderated list must by approved by the list owner. List owners can request that their lists be moderated by writing to [email protected] and asking.
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The state or quality of being mmoderate.
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When someone exerts control over the content of a story, by providing guidelines for the story, or by using an application process to choose which authors write, or by any number of other means. Most of the Beware the Radish impros are moderated; specific rules are on each story's page.
Calmness of mind; equanimity; as, to bear adversity with moderation.
A balancing neutral stability between extreme negative-positive values, like between deficiency-moderation-excess values.
quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes
the trait of avoiding excesses
The first public examinations for degrees at the University of Oxford; -- usually contracted to mods.
In relation to dietary intake, providing enough but not too much of a substance.
(also Account Moderation) Manual activation of newly registered accounts.
The act of moderating, or of imposing due restraint.
The act of removing messages which are offensive, or which break the rules that the online community has agreed to. More...
doing something at an appropriate amount and observing reasonable limits.
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a change for the better