Definitions for "Pretest"
used to examine differences between subjects in an experiment to statistically adjust for the differences. Several pretests should be used before starting an experiment, one of the pretests should be the same or parallel to the posttest, and the pretests should be related to the dependent variable (Shavelson, 1996).
A relatively small number of practice interviews used to test and refine the survey materials and/ or the field procedures before the conduct of the main survey.
a test or measurement taken before a service or intervention takes place; it is compared with the results of a posttest to show evidence of the effects or changes as a result of the service or intervention being evaluated.
a formal review of a questionnaire and the associated data collection methodology
the presentation of a questionnaire in a pilot study to a representative sample of the respondent population in order to discover any problems with the questionnaire prior to full-scale use.
Assessment of students knowledge base administered prior to instruction.
Pretest is an album by progressive rock band Dysrhythmia. It is their third full-length overall and their first release on Relapse Records.