Definitions for "IP Address"
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Internet Protocol. IP refers to the set of communication standards that control communications activity on the Internet. An IP address is the number assigned to any Internet-connected computer. An IP number is not always uniquely assigned to one user. IP number numbers can be pooled among thousands of users.
Sometimes called a dotted quad. A unique number consisting of 4 parts separated by dots, e.g. Every machine that is on the Internet has a unique IP number - if a machine does not have an IP number, it is not really on the Internet. Many machines (especially servers) also have one or more Domain Names that are easier for people to remember. For example IP number is
Internet Protocol address; a 32-bit address assigned to hosts using TCP/IP. The address is written as four octets separated with periods (dotted decimal format) that are made up of a network section, an optional subnet section and a host section. Also known as an Internet Address.
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IP Spoofing IPv4
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Adding a Workgroup
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In small offices, a label affixed to a restroom stall door bearing the name of the principal user.
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