Definitions for "Subnet mask"
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A set of numbers that tells a router which parts of an IP address must be read. In a subnet mask, a binary digit of says "read", and says "don't read". Subnet masks save routers from having to process an entire IP address, which makes routing more efficient. Example: a subnet mask of, when translated into binary digits, is: 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000 This tells a router to look at the first three parts of the IP address and ignore the last part.
See Subnet. When a TCP/IP device tries to communicate with another device, the bits of the TCP/IP destination address are "ANDed" with the subnet mask to determine whether the address is a local address (broadcastable) or must be reached through a router.
A string of binary bits, expressed in octal, that screens Internet address values so the router does not have to look at the entire 32 bit address -- it can simply look at the bits selected by the mask. More information
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See: netmask
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Definition of subnet IP range.