Definitions for "URL Uniform Resource Locator"
Keywords:  gopher, mailto, resource, ftp, telnet
A pointer to a file, Web page or server, or nearly any other type of resource available through the Internet. URLs usually begin with some identifier or prefix that identifies the type of resource. The following table lists common URL types and prefixes you will encounter on the Internet. Type of resource Prefix World Wide Web http:// Telnet telnet:// FTP ftp:// Gopher gopher:// E-mail mailto
The address of a resource available on the Internet
a simple extension of the standard filename concept. It can be used to point to files and directories on any machine connected to the network. It can be accessed through several different methods, e.g., ftp, gopher and HTTP.
the name of the Web page
A global reference point to a piece of information. That information can exist in a variety of formats. All Web browsers recognize and display the contents of URLs.