Definitions for "Absolute link"
Hyperlinks that include the complete URL, which is the domain name, pathname (if used), and filename.
The entire web address, i.e. the absolute URL, of a page at another website. See relative link, absolute URL. Accessibility Accessibility is a term referring to the level of a web page's ability to be viewed and used by everyone, specifically focusing on the needs of the disabled. Accessibility takes into consideration those with limited vision, loss of vision, color blindness, deafness, language impairments, alternative browsers, and restricted mobility. Websites that meet accessibility standards are compatible with accessibility aids, such as speaking tools that enable blind users to access sites with the help of a speech reader or voice input utilities and on-screen keyboards that permit the user to choose from a list of available commands and objects. The WAI is responsible for formulating and publishing guidelines on web accessibility. See WAI, Assistive technology.
An absolute link is a hyperlink that includes the complete URL, which is the domain name, folder or subdirectory name and file name. For example:
a little more tricky and implies that you know something about your web server