Definitions for "hypertext"
(see also HTML). Hypertext is also a term used to refer to embedded text that pops up when you click on a word to offer further detail or clarification. Users of Windows Help pages or Encarta will be familiar with this.
Electronically-stored text that allows direct access to other texts by way of encoded links. Hypertext consists of key words or phrases in a WWW page that are linked electronically to other Websites or pages on the Internet.
electronic information that is linked so that users can easily move from one topic to another. In-tray exercise - a simulation exercise in which participants work through a typical 'basket of items'. It includes 'big picture' items as well as looking at more detailed issues. Items include memos, data analysis and problems which require urgent attention. It is a timed exercise and they are expected to prioritise their responses..
A repository for several small hypertext projects, including Docuplex and hyperlit.
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Hypertext Markup Language is a coded format language most commonly used on the Internet. HTML file names end in htm or html.
See HTML. WWWebfx Home Page
The organization of information units into connected associations that a user can choose to make.
A collection of graphical and textual data organized in such a way as to facilitate easy access to all of the information it contains. Hypertext may be thought of as a precursor to multimedia, or simply as an extension of it.
Is the way information is presented on the Internet.
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(Application Developer's Guide - XML; search in this book)
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HyperText Transfer Protocol is the protocol for moving hypertext files across the Internet. It requires an HTTP client program on one end, and an HTTP server on the other. HTTP is the most important protocol used in the World Wide Web (WWW).
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