Definitions for "Master Page"
A feature found within page layout software that allows the user to create quick consistent page layouts. Any printing element or non-printing guide will appear on all pages of the document. It is considered wise to position any repeating elements (like page numbers) once on master pages instead of over and over again on each individual page of the publication.
An electronic page that contains all text, graphics, and formatting, which one wants to appear on each page of a multi-page document or each slide of a presentation. A master page is a feature provided by a desktop publishing program that enables the user to quickly create page layouts that are consistent. It functions as a design template that helps to define the basic layout and format of document pages. It may contain headers, footers, page numbers, ruling lines, margin features, graphic elements, layout guides, and any repeating text. The user specifies what will appear on the pages of the document. It is generally considered preferable to position any repeating elements once on a master page, instead of repeatedly on each individual page of the document. See also DESKTOP PUBLISHING FOOTER FORMAT HEADER PAGE LAYOUT MASTER RULE
A page showing the way you want the final document to look.
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a good old combination of HTML markup and code-behind, which is why you can reference its properties
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a just another type of file that you add to your project