Definitions for "Leasing"
A method of financing capital equipment in which the business acquires use of the equipment immediately without having to buy it. Leasing can be more expensive than purchasing because of the loss of tax benefits from depreciation, but it frees up capital for other business uses. [go back to glossary list
Hiring of capital goods or equipment to avoid the cost of buying them.
Leasing is classified into two categories: finance leasing and operating leasing. Finance leasing is similar to loans extended by banks in that leasing companies procure investment funds for corporations that plan to make capital investment. Leasing firms should have considerable fund-raising capability in finance leasing but this is difficult now due to the weakness of parent companies, including banks.In operating leasing, a residual portion of the price of an asset after the expiration of the leasing term will be assessed before leasing and the leasing fee will be decided based on that value minus the residual portion. Demand for operating leasing is growing, replacing that for finance leasing, though operating leasing is premised on the existence of used asset markets.
Leasing is a tax oriented method of gaining the use of an asset that can produce more income or benefits than the cost. A lease can be a method by which a client can obtain either use and/or ownership of an asset while matching a payment schedule to a predetermined budgetary allotment.
a written agreement allowing the use of the assets for a specific period of time
This is like long-term car rental. You make monthly payments for the opportunity to drive a car, but the leasing company owns it. For a glossary of leasing-specific terms, see Page 47.
The practice by banks and bullion dealers of lending silver at an annual rate of interest, to jewelry manufacturers and other professional users of the metal to provide part of their working stock.
a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank Austria Creditanstalt
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The act of lying; falsehood; a lie or lies.
Psalm 5.6 To tell lies
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a valuable tool in the creation of a document
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To grant use or occupation of under the terms of a contract.
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Leasowe Leather
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see lease.