Definitions for "Osu"
a positive aikido salutation with many meanings, hello, goodbye, I'm ready, etc...
A strong, positive greeting indicating respect
budo salutation, with many meanings : hello! goodby! i am ready! etc
( OOS) is a complex concept at the heart of the Associtation's philosophy. It is described here.
(usually mispronounced `oss' or `oos' in the UK) Difficult to translate accurately, the term is often used to mean `yes' or `OK' in UK karate clubs. A more accurate translation might be `Yo!' or `Wassup!' or even `Hey dude!' This small word is probably responsible for more divisiveness among practitioners than everything else put together. For some, it is a mystical symbol imbued with spiritual significance; for others it is a vulgarity that should be confined to the locker room.
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"to push" [Japanese; Pusher].
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The Ohio State University
Oregon State University
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optical sight unit