Definitions for "SFE"
Abbreviation for Sydney Futures Exchange. Sydney Futures Exchange Limited (SFE), a subsidiary of SFE Corporation Limited, is the 10th largest financial futures and options exchange in the world, the 2nd in Asia and the premier futures exchange in Australia and New Zealand. SFE provides futures and options on the four most actively traded markets – equities, interest rates, commodities and currencies. The major products traded on SFE include: the benchmark Australian Equity Index Futures product – the ‘SFE SPI 200(tm)', the 3 and 10 Year Treasury Bond Futures products, the 7th and 11th most actively traded bond futures product in the world, and the 90 Day Bank Bill Futures, the 5th most actively traded short term interest rate futures product.
Sydney Futures Exchange. The derivatives market of Australia.
Sydney Futures Exchange. The main market in Australia for the exchange of financial and commodity futures. The Sydney Futures Exchange commenced operations in 1960 as the Sydney Greasy Wool Futures Exchange, and changed to its current name in 1972 to reflect its expanding role. (See also Futures Contract, Financial Futures).
Supercritical Fluid Extraction. A special type of mixture extraction employing the unique benefits of supercritical fluid. Related to SUPERCRITICAL FLUID CHROMATOGRAPHY (SFC).
A Smoke-free Environment is a designated area where the use of tobacco products is banned and people can be assured they won't be subjected to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.
Seller-Furnished Equipment, i.e., selected by airframe manufacturer as standard for that aircraft type.
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