Definitions for "CME"
Chicago Mercantile Exchange. An exchange where financial futures, foreign currency...
Chicago Merchantile Exchange.
Certified Medical Electrologist, a credential given by SCME
Short for Certified Medical Electrologist
Central Medical Establishment
Contemporary Montessori Education
Continuing Medical Education. The continuing education of practicing physicians through refresher courses, medical journals and texts, educational programs and self-study courses. In some states CME is required for continued licensure.
Continuing Medical Education: Many states require CME hours for licensure. See State Profiles for more information.
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carboxymethyl ester
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cystoid macular edema. see edema, cystoid macular (CME)
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Short for oronal ass jection.
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Cisco CallManager Express
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Coronal Mass Ejection
Coefficient of Moisture Expansion: Measures dimensional change of a material when absorbs moisture. Measured in inches per inch per degree.
Coordinated Monitoring Event - An event where everyone will monitor the same thing for a certain amount of time and report back on their findings.
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Center Mounted Exhaust - part of the new 345HP package.
Conformance Management Entity
Capitalised Maintainable Earnings
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CME can refer to any of the following;