Definitions for "LME"
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London Metal Exchange. The UK derivatives exchange which trades metal futures and options, e.g. copper futures. LME is the largest world exchange for base metal derivatives.
London Metal Exchange. A base metal derivatives exchange; a recognised investment exchange.
the London Metal Exchange (for non-ferrous metal trading).
Local Managing Entity. The local agency that plans, develops, implements and monitors services within a specified geographic area according to requirements of the DMH/DD/SAS. Includes developing a full range of services that provides inpatient and outpatient treatment, services and/or supports for both insured and uninsured individuals.
Local Management Entity. The mental health reform legislation requires that the current area mental health programs become LME's responsible for service management, planning, and monitoring and provider network development but with a very limited role in providing services.
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Large Marine Ecosysem
large marine ecosystem