Definitions for "Mishnah"
Keywords:  talmud, rabbinic, judah, rabbi, gemara
(literally, "repetition," from the root sh-n-h, to repeat) the collection of Oral Torah compiled and committed to writing around 200 A.D. by Rabbi Yehudah ha-Nasi. It records the sayings of sages who lived and taught during the previous several hundred years. In its narrow sense, "mishnah" (not capitalized) refers to an individual saying or ruling found in the Mishnah. In its wider sense, "Mishnah" refers to the work composed by Rabbi Yehudah ha-Nasi.
Collection of Jewish traditions based on rabbinic traditions and compiled about 200 C.E.; part of the Talmud.
The name of the earliest major rabbinic work, written by the tanna' im and completed by approximately 200 C.E., contains the first level of the Oral Law and is divided into six main sections or orders.