Definitions for "PBO"
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PACKED BY OWNER. Articles packed into cartons or crates by the client/customer.
Articles you self-pack for moving.
When a transferee chooses to pack his/her own belongings. Most insurance companies will refuse to cover goods that have been packed by the owners, as most owners are not experienced in packing shipments properly for international transport.
Projected benefit obligation. A measure of a pension plan's liability at the calculation date assuming that the plan is ongoing and will not terminate in the foreseeable future. Related: accumulated benefit obligation.
projected benefit obligation. Pension] the ACTUARIAL PRESENT VALUE as of a date of all benefits attributed by the pension benefit formula to employee service rendered prior to that date, including recognition of changes in future compensation levels if appropriate [similar to ACG No. 2]; see also ACCUMULATED BENEFIT OBLIGATION
Projected benefit obligation. A measure to determine pension liabilities. The PBO is the actuarial present value as of a specific date of employeesâ€(tm) vested and non-vested pension benefits incorporating compensation increases, attributable to employee services performed as of that date.
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An extremely high modulus fibre by Toyobo. Used in Bainbridge DIAX-PBO Plus laminates.
Preliminary Biological Opinion issued by NMFS or USFWS pursuant to "early consultation" under Section 7 of ESA.
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Paperback original.
property book officer
Public Bill Office. The office within both Houses of Parliament dealing with the production of Bills for their relevant House.
Plant Biosafety Office
See "profile-based optimization."
An intermediate file generated by the Visual C++ profiler (PROFILE) and used to transfer information between profiling steps. See also profiler, profiler batch input file, profiler batch text file.
Profiler Binary Output
polybenzoxazole, a high performance polymer developed in US Air Force research programmes.
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Plate Boundary Observatory
The outstanding amount of the loan, on which the lender charges interest. As the loan is repaid, a portion of each payment is used to satisfy interest that has accrued, and the remainder of the payment is used to reduce the outstanding principal balance.