Definitions for "RMD"
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Required Minimum Distribution. The minimum annual required distribution amount...
Required Minimum Distribution. The amount you are required to withdraw each year from your tax-deferred plan after you reach your Required Beginning Date. It is determined by dividing the value of your tax-deferred accounts by the life expectancy of you and your Beneficiary. The intent is that by the time you and your Beneficiary are both expected to die, your tax-deferred savings will be fully withdrawn.
Required Minimum Distribution. The minimum amount that the IRS requires to be withdrawn each year from all tax-advantaged retirement plans. Roth IRAs are exempt from this rule during the owner’s lifetime. Also referred to as "minimum required distribution."
Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko. The name of our group(see description on main page). "Ryukyukoku" is the old name for the Okinawa prefecture. "Matsuri" means festival. "Daiko" refers to drum. To put it simply, Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko means Ryukyu Kingdom Festival Drums.
Resource Management Department (Santa Barbara County) now called the Planning and Development Department
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Stands for "Rapid Metal Decking" apparently. Don't ask me why! Basically they are the big lumps of Orange girder that we hang the trusses off in the Great Hall.
Repetitive Motion Disorder, another term for RSI.
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An attribute in an XML document that specifies whether the processor needs to read and process a DTD along with the document.
Resource Management Directorate
Records Management Division