Definitions for "Stamp Duty"
A UK tax currently levied on the purchase of shares.
A Government tax on your purchase based on the purchase price. Charges are as follows: • Purchase price 0-£60,000 0% • £60,0001 to £250,000 1% of the whole purchase price • £250,001 to £500,000 3% of the whole purchase price • £500,001 plus 4% of the whole purchase price
A duty, or tax imposed on paper and parchment used for certain writings , as deeds, conveyances, etc., the evidence of the payment of the duty or tax being a stamp.
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Tenure Title
a charge on certain documents and transactions, and is charged at either a flat rate or an ad valorem rate (based on the value of the transaction) depending on the particular document or transaction
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The current rate is 1% (December 2002)