Definitions for "Noxious weeds"
Undesirable plants that infest either land or water resources and cause physical and economic damage. Under the Federal Noxious Weeds Act of 1974, (P.L. 93-629, January 3, 1975), the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service works to prevent noxious weeds from entering the country, and conducts cooperative control/eradication programs with the states. Local governments frequently impose taxes on landowners to carry out noxious weed control programs.
Aggressive, non-native plant species that have been introduced. They can be difficult to manage, poisonous, toxic, parasitic, or carrier of insects or disease. Examples of park noxious weeds would be yellow star thistle, spotted knapweed, bull thistle and Himalayan Blackberry.
plants considered to be a threat to human and animal health, agricultural production, and the environment, which by law must be managed