Definitions for "NFPA"
ACRONYM - National Fluid Power Association. ( 020)
The National Fluid Power Association provides a forum for the fluid power industry. Member companies work together promoting fluid power technology and applications and educating the marketplace to its benefits. Manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic products and systems make up the association's regular membership.
an independent, voluntary membership, non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding people and their environment from destructive fire
ational ire rotection ssociation
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Non Fossil-fuel Purchasing Agency
Non Fossil Purchasing Agency (for England and Wales). Arranging the contracts to buy renewable electricity is done by this central body. The Agency is made up of personnel from the Regional Electricity Companies. The Agency administrate the Fossil Fuel Levy money to pay for these contracts.
Non-inventorial equipment
Sets standards for rescue equipment, including static ropes.