Definitions for "Prep"
an intensive, six-week summer program where promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds are exposed to the rigors of academic medicine and or dentistry
Prep contains chemicals such as Ethyl and/or Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol and other ingredients. Prep is a temporary dehydrator and deep cleanser that will remove the moisture and some of the oils from the nail plate layers. It will disinfect the nail plate, is a pH balancer, and aids in physical and chemical bonding. The effects of prep will last approximately 30 minutes before the nails oil and moisture are replaced by natural means.
Lesson preparation. Fresh off the Celta this takes about 2 hours, after six months of teaching, 10 minutes, after 2 years of teaching, 0 minutes.
A cleaner or a product that enhances an adhesive. A prep is usually applied to the glass prior to the primer.
The process of washing, degreasing and lightly abrading a panel prior to applying paint. Alternate Term(s): Prep Work
Washing and shaving of the perineum.
preparatory school work done outside school (especially at home)
In the U.S., a high school athlete. From the term "preparatory school," a school for preparing for college. Slightly different from the IAAF definition of "Junior."
See "Extension Prep" for definition.
Preparing for Redesignation to English Proficient
a modular, mobile accessioning station designed for use with archival masters of almost any media type
a person that is totally brainwashed by the media
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kindergarten (Year 1 = Grade 1 and so on)
ayment - Any amount paid to reduce the principal balance of a loan before the due date. Payment in full on a mortgage that may result from a sale of the property, the owner's decision to pay off the loan in full, or a foreclosure. In each case, prepayment means payment occurs before the loan has been fully amortized.
a "tuck" type feeling that keeps the frame closed and uses the compression of the tuck to signal the turn
n. 1. the location and dimensions of the cut out(s) and reinforcing in a door or frame required to accept a piece of hardware. 2. v. to prepare a door or frame for installation of a lock or other hardware
a workout or a race to prepare a horse for a future engagement.
Periodic Radar Evaluation Program. A program involving sampling and analyzing air traffic to provide a basic assessment of a radar system's effectiveness and assess deterioration in mission capability.
preparation in standards context planning and setting up meetings, proposing decision points and document structure
Space for preparation of food, not visible to meeting participants.
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a person from the North Eastern area of the US and comes from old money
( link / ) Short for preparation, all of the activities that the GM does before each session (and when planning out a campaign).
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A lead-in move or step a set up used as a preparation for a turn or a change of dance position
preposition préposition
A list of teacher created titles or names for each of the different subjects/classes that the teacher has in his/her schedule.
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See: Prepress. to top
preposition ( by, for, from, of, to)