Definitions for "Cleaner "
A detergent, alkali, acid or similar contamination removing material, which is usually water borne.
a detergent, it removes dirt and dust from the wood's surface
an abrasive product designed to remove fine layers of paint in order to renew dull paint, oxidation, dirt and old hardened wax
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Cleaner is the name of a German project specializing in electronic music. Formerly known as Cleen, Myer released several albums on the American industrial music record label, Metropolis Records, as well as the labels Zoth Ommog and Accession Records.
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A person who cleans the house until it smells of Lysol and Ajax. Often very terrified of germs (cf. Howard Hughes in The Aviator). Part of the OCD Spectrum.
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Cleaner is an upcoming 2008 thriller film starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, and Eva Mendes.
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Cleaner is a Java beautifier that transforms ugly syntax into beautiful syntax. Syntax is parsed using ANTLR and then printed to standard output.
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a specialist of PVA molded parts such as PVA brushes which are mostly used in Post CMP cleaning applications
Collaborative Large-scale Engineering Analysis Network for Environmental Research
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someone whose occupation is cleaning
Keywords:  something, preparation
a preparation used in cleaning something
Keywords:  dry, establishment, operator
the operator of dry-cleaning establishment
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One who, or that which, cleans.