Definitions for "OCD"
Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder
Is characterized by repeated, intrusive, and unwanted thoughts (obsessions) or usual habits and rituals (compulsions). Common obsessions are fear of contamination or a serious illness, fixation on lucky/unlucky numbers, fear of danger to self and others. Common compulsions are repetitive rituals such as cleaning or washing, touching, counting, repeating, arranging or organizing, and hoarding.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
osteochondritis dissecans
Off-chip Driver calibration used in DDR2 SDRAM improves signal integrity by setting the I/O driver resistance to adjust the voltage to equalize the pull-up/pull-down resistance.
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There's nothing funnier than watching someone lock their front door 46 times every morning.
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Offshore and Coastal Dispersion
organ confined disease. PC that is apparently confined to the prostate clinically or pathologically; not going beyond the confines of the prostatic capsule
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Office of Civilian Defense
Operation Concept Development.
Refers to an Operations Concept Document.
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ON COUNTER DATE. When the products are on the shelves in store.