Definitions for "Structural analysis"
the identification of word-meaning elements, as re and read in reread, to help understand the meaning of a whole word; morphemic analysis. Note: Structural analysis commonly involves the identification of roots, affixes, compounds, hyphenated forms, inflected and derived endings, contractions, and in some cases, syllabication.
Psycho-therapy for intelligent buildings may be more appropriate than putting ourselves in analysis. Think of all the psychotic and schizophrenic places you know.
students use larger segments of words for decoding cues. The recognition of root words, compound words, prefixes, suffixes, contractions, and plurals allow students to use clusters of words for reading a new word.
Keywords:  riceour, todorov, colby, culler, dundes
see Paul Riceour's comments in Culler (1974) "(a) work on closed system (b) establish inventories of elements (c) place these elements in relationships of opposition (d) establish a calculus of possible combinations" --- also Todorov, Colby, Dundes.
breakdown of a whole into its parts to determine the syntactical relationships.
Evaluation of the dimensions of a building to determine its ability to meet the needs of the occupant.