Definitions for "GenLock"
A method of synchronization involving the generation of a video signal sync-locked with another signal. Because they are synchronized, a genlocked signal can be mixed with the original signal, allowing dissolves, wipes and other transition effects. Genlock and frame synchronization differ in that genlock is the generation of a new signal synchronized to an existing video signal while frame synchronization takes two existing video signals and synchronizes them. Genlocking two VCRs requires the use of a time base corrector ( TBC).
Synchronizes two video sources, allowing part or all of their signals to be displayed together. Necessary for overlaying computer graphics with video.
To recover and use the original horizontal and vertical timing control signals from a video signal.
A texture-mapping technique related to, but the opposite of Decal mode. In Genlock mode, any texture that is Color Zero makes the polygons invisible! Handy for making objects appear and disappear in unique ways.