Definitions for "Video server "
Video server is a streaming video server which feeds a Java applet/application for display. The updates are rather slow, somewhere in the 10 frames/second range on a PIII. The server is written in Bigloo scheme and C. The client is written in Java.
An audio and video file server, often with multiple terabyte hard disk capacities, connected to LANs and WANs with high-speed facilities like ATM or FDDI. Depending on use, may employ H.320, H.323, MPEG2, MPEG4 or Motion-JPEG video compression for broadcasting, training on demand to the desktop and many other corporate purposes including marketing. Also a key technology for VoD (which see).
A video server is a file server with substantial hard disc storage size used to store MPEG compressed data. Video servers provide content to end-users over LANs and WANs.
This enables an analog camera to be converted into an IP camera, able to stream digital video over an office network, phone, or ISDN connection. Therefore, an analog based surveillance system can be upgraded and networked to function as an IP surveillance system.
This is a device that accepts inputs from CCTV cameras using the PAL, composite video signal. It digitises the signal and then transmits images via a network, dialup or GSM connection. Advanced video servers have built-in video motion detection, and can buffer images while they are being uploaded to a remote server, where they are recorded.
a device capable of accepting as input several CCTV or analog cameras
a decked out computer that it specifically designed to supply users with video
a completely self contained device
a device to which one or more video sources can be attached