Definitions for "CompactPCI"
Keywords:  pci, eurocard, picmg, bus, desktop
A hardware standard which is electrically identical to standard PCI, but mechanically different, and uses a different form factor than standard PCI. CompactPCI boards can be removed from a computer without shutting down the system or an active application. See also hot swap, PCI.
The newest specification for PCI-based industrial computers is called CompactPCI. It is electrically a superset of desktop PCI with a different physical form factor. See for details. D-K
ompact eripheral omponent nterface cPCI is a combination of the PCI bus contained on a Eurocard form factor. The Eurocard provides more rugged packaging and a more secure plug and socket for embedded systems than the standard PCI card used in desktop computers. It supports hot swapping and provides higher performance (32-bit, 33MHz) than the ISA bus in the PC/104 architecture. CompactPCI also provides modularity as Eurocard comes in several sizes. TechWeb