Definitions for "SCSI-3"
Keywords:  ssa, ultra, architecture, fibre, ssc
This is not Wide SCSI. It is also not Ultra SCSI. In fact, the SCSI 3 specification does not exist yet. When it is created, it will probably use some sort of Fiber-channel interface. However, Wide SCSI or Ultra-SCSI are sometimes referred to as SCSI-3.
The SCSI-3 specification is designed to further improve functionality and accommodate high-speed serial transmission interfaces. To do so, SCSI was effectively "layered" logically. This layering allowed the software interfaces to remain relatively unchanged while accommodating new physical interconnect schemes based upon serial interconnects such as Fibre Channel and Serial Storage Architecture (SSA).
The current SCSI specification, which adds features to the SCSI-2 standard.
The ANSI X3T10 Working Documents (under development).