Definitions for "USB"
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Acronym: niversal erial us Computers: A high-speed port found on digital photography devices and newer computers, that allows much faster transfer speeds than a serial or parallel port.
A type of connection used by computers and peripherals like printers. USB wireless adapters use a USB slot to add wireless technology without opening the case.
A means of transferring data via a USB cable from external peripherals (e.g. printer, Zip drive, digital camera) to a computer. The computer outlet for the USB cable is called a USB port.
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Upper Side Band - a shortwave station that is only transmitting on the upper side band of its frequency. (see sidebands, SSB, LSB)
upper sideband
Undergraduate Studies Board - an advisory body and a review committee of the Council of Centre Chairs.
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Upper surface blowing; exhaust air blown over top of wing to increase lift
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United Soybean Board
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Usenet user
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