Definitions for "ADB"
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hardware:(Apple Desktop Bus) A port used by most Macs to communicate with peripheral devices: mice, keyboards, and such.
Apple Desktop Bus port - used for connecting input devices to Macintosh computers
See: Apple Desktop Bus (ADB)
Accidental Death Benefit. An optional policy provision that increases the proceeds or benefit when the insured's death is caused by an accident. See also Double Indemnity.
See Accidental Death Benefit.
accidental death benefit. A supplementary life insurance policy benefit that provides a death benefit in addition to the policy's basic death benefit if the insured's death occurs as the result of an accident. See also double indemnity benefit.
Under Regulation T of the Federal Reserve Board, it is the formula that is used to determine the status of a margin account. An account's ADB is useful for ascertaining whether withdrawals of cash or securities are acceptable based on Special Miscellaneous Account (SMA) entries. The ADB is calculated by netting the balance owed to the brokerage firm with any balance in the SMA plus unrealized profits on short accounts. See: Special Miscellaneous Account
Asia Development Bank, head quartered in Manila, Philippines.
Average daily balance. The sum of unpaid principal balance outstanding on all qualifying loans at each actual interest rate for each day of the quarter, divided by the sum of the number of days in the quarter.
A/D Converter (ADC) Additive Synthesis
Adelaide Bank Limited
Asian Development Bank
Abbreviation: Affiliation DataBase.
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Advanced Digital Broadcast