Definitions for "Plug and Play"
Keywords:  pnp, jumper, intel, irq, peripheral
Refers to the ability of a computer system to automatically configure expansion boards and other devices. You should be able to plug in a device and play with it, without worrying about setting DIP switches, jumpers, and other configuration elements. The Plug and Play (PnP) specification has made PCs more plug-and-play, although it doesn't always work as advertised.
New technology jointly developed by Intel Corporation and Microsoft and designed so that all a user needs to do is plug in a peripheral and it is ready to work.
The ability to install equipment with little or no setup.
Turnkey programs that can be offered to all regional utilities, generally through signing up to participate, for example Vending Miser. Implementation is primarily through a BPA procurement agreement via a Third Party Agreement.
A security card or cable card you get from a cable operator that decrypts scrambled cable signals on the sets. It replaced set-top boxes, and is an aspect of digital television.
A set of features that allows a client to access the Internet without reconfiguring network and browser settings.
Generic term for any equipment that can be used without a complicated set up.