Definitions for "HAL "
HAL is a specification and an implementation of a hardware abstraction layer. It encompasses a shared library for use in applications, a daemon, a hotplug tool, command line tools, and a set of stock device info files.
Hardware Abstraction Layer. Used to provide a generic interface to the hardware and 'hide' hardware-specific functions.
The HAL separates the hardware from the OS, and makes the OS portable across any platform that supports the HAL.
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (India)
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
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Hal are a critically acclaimed Irish band comprised of brothers Dave Allen (vocals/guitar) and Paul Allen (vocals/bass), Stephen O'Brien (keyboards, occasional guitars and backing vocals) and Steve Hogan (drums) who formed in 2003.
Hal is the eponymous debut of Irish band Hal, released by Rough Trade Records on May 10, 2005.
Health Advisory Level. A non-regulatory health-based chemical concentration in drinking water that results in no adverse health risks when a given amount of water is ingested over exposure periods ranging from one day to a lifetime.
health advisory level. The amount of a contaminant which may indicate a long-term potential for chronic health problems if discovered by a local water treatment plant, but which poses no immediate acute danger. See MCL.
Health Advisory Level. Health advisories provide additional information on certain contaminants. Health advisories are guidance values based on health effects other than cancer. These values are set for different durations of exposure (e.g., one day, ten day, longer term, and lifetime).
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A spiritual trance bringing ecstasy, experienced on entering a new station or plane. -Sufi. Vedanta: bhav. (1a) -Arabic, plural is ahwal. (Du)
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orizontal lert imit.
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nickname for Harold (see also Harry)
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Hardwired Array Logic
Keywords:  hlw, liquor, highly, liquid, active
Highly active liquor; HLW in liquid form
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Hook and Line rigging equipment
Holland America Line
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Header Hot Mail
Header HTML
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Href http www hal org Hackers At Large
Horticulture Australia Limited
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Helicopter Attack Light
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hydrogen alpha 656 nm, narrow CB1b near infrared 603 nm, narrow
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referring to salt ("halodendron" = "salt + tree")
Abbreviation for: height above landing Fr: HAL
state of being