Definitions for "Device driver"
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Software that controls a computer peripheral, sometimes referred to as the interface software.
Low level routine which acts as an interface between a higher level program and an actual physical device.
This is basically synonymous with the term "driver." It's a piece of software that tells an operating system specifically how to communicate with a device....
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priority-driven preemptive (PDPE)
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a form of TSR, that requires alot more than just a memory area
A Stream component whose principle functions are handling an associated physical device and transforming data and information between the external interface and Stream.
A collection of subroutines that control the interface between I/O device adapters and the processor.
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an add-on that recognizes a specific device (or class of devices) and provides a means for the rest of the system to communicate with it
a set of system files, developed by a device manufacturer
a collection of functions used to access any particular device
an entry point to access a device