Definitions for "Preëmptive"
Keywords:  mption, mpting, mpt, deter, anticipated
Of or pertaining to preëmption; having power to preëmpt; preëmpting.
designed or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence; "a preemptive business offer"
Having the power to take precedence over another event.
Keywords:  hinder, adjective, enemy, noun, auction
(1) (adjective) intended to hinder the enemy through the removal of bidding space from the auction;(2) (noun) a preemptive bid, or a bid that acts preemptively no matter how intended.
Describes an operating system where the task-switching operation can occur at any point. The kernel can preempt the operation of any process in order to switch tasks. The process need not relinquish control or signify in any way that it is ready to be switched.