Definitions for "ODMA"
ODMA (Open Document Management API) is the result of an industry-led initiative to provide a standardised, platform-independent, high-level interface between desktop applications and document management systems. By specifying a set of interfaces that applications can use to initiate actions within a DMS, ODMA permits a front-end application to interact with a document management server. Partners involved in the ODMA initiative include Borland, Documentum, Interleaf, Oracle, PC DOCS, SoftSolutions, Sybase, WordPerfect and XSoft.
A desktop application integration standard. ODMA provides a standard interface between document management systems and end-user applications.
The Open Document Management API (ODMA) simplifies integration and interoperability of standard desktop applications with document management systems. Using ODMA, desktop applications access and manipulate documents carried in document management systems as easily as if they are residing in the locally-accessible file system.