Definitions for "Scales"
Dermal structures giving support and protection to the body and properly considered as an exoskeleton.Scales are reduced or lacking in some fishes.Scales types include placoid scales (dermal denticles) of sharks; ganoid scales, which are very thick and hard and are arranged like paving blocks with very little overlap; cycloid scales which are thin and overlap like shingles (imbricated); and ctenoid scales which are like the cycloid type but have many tiny teeth or spines on the exposed surface.
Aggregate of small, flattened, overlapping crystals, as seen in fish scales.
thin, overlapping plates of a hard substance that protect the skin of fish. The easiest way to tell if a fish has scales is to run your finger along the side of the fish from back to front. If the fish feels smooth and slippery, it has no scales or the scales are embedded within the skin; if it feels rough and your finger catches, then it has external scales.
Slabs that are attached to a Tang to make a handle, such as Zytel, G-10, fiberglass, differnt sorts of wood, titanium etc.
The scales are pieces that are attached to a full tang to form the handle.
Pieces that are attached to a full tang in order to form a handle.
Thin flakes on the skin surface.
dead skin cells that look like flakes or dry skin.
layers of skin cells (fine and barely visible, thick and silvery, waxy, or large and adherent) accumulated on top of the skin due to abnormal formation and shedding of the top layers
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involucral scales
(bud). Small, modified leaves on the outer surface of buds.
Modified leaves that protect structures.
Leaves in the shape of small, flat or thickened triangles.
Manufacturers of industrial scales; including truck scales, digital scales and weighing systems.
The scales and heart portray the ultimate judgement when the heart, as the symbol of the soul is weighed on the celestial balance. Stone 255 shows an unevenly loaded scales holding a point of equilibrium, presumably an indication that a small portion of godliness can counterbalance a multitude of sins.
Twins. ANThony and ROBert, created by a mischievous God with the sole intent of confusing Moravians. Well God, it worked
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To have scales on ones [sic] belly; to be a sycophant; a crawler.
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A fishscale-like pattern carved into the base of a cross-country ski, to allow the user to climb hills
Inexpensive vegetable or shipping scales from yard or tag sales are very useful in the studio and / or next to the potter's wheel. For more information: TUTORIALS SCALE TUTORIAL
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Used to measure the weight of the kart. With several scales, or one scale and more effort, the proper weight distribution of the kart can be measured. Also, the kart (with driver) will be placed on the scales during tech inspection.
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Scales in your cup refer to legal matters, if they appear balanced the outcome will be fair, but if they appear unbalanced the outcome may not be in your favour.
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The unit of measurement for the assessment, includes the question stem and descriptors, used with a range of numeric ratings.
the numeric values assigned to the axes of a graph.
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The horny tissue covering the toes and legs.
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See "Plaques."
A collection of pitches arranged in order of lowest to highest or highest to lowest.
A measurement device that allows a respondent to report the “degree” or his/her opinion. Scales are usually in the form of statements or number.