Definitions for "Contact adhesive"
Solvent based adhesive but with added properties which produce an immediate bond. One part adhesive needing no mixing. Adhesive is applied to both surfaces, let dry, and then pressed together to create an instant bond. Makes good bonds in most materials but is not structural in strength. Contact adhesion time: Period of time when using a contact adhesive during which the dry adhesive layers may still be bonded together. Syn. Open time
Sealants, Adhesives and Tapes Adhesive that is applied to both adherends and when allowed to become touch dry will instantly develop a firm bond when a firm but not sustained pressure is applied.
A group of either water base or solvent base adhesives. These types of adhesives are coated on both surfaces of products to be laminated. Characterized by very high green strength, and fast set-up times.
Glue, used for the application of pre-vulcanized rubber material