Definitions for "T1 Carrier"
Keywords:  mbps, multiplexed, backbone, kbps, upto
A digital transmission system operating at 1.544-Mbps and used to carry a DS1 signal format.
A dedicated network connection which can transfer data at speeds up to 1.544 Mbps. Business and Internet Service Providers often lease T1 lines from a telephone company to connect to the Internet. T3s are higher speed versions of T1s; they support data transfer rates up to 43 Mbps. The backbone of the Internet is comprised of T3s.
A dedicated phone connection supporting data rates of 1.544Mbits (1 Mbit is one million bits as opposed to Kbits) per second. A T1 line actually consists of 24 individual channels, each of which supports 64Kbits per second. Each 64Kbit/second channel can be configured to carry voice or data traffic. Most telephone companies allow you to buy just some of these individual channels, known as fractional T1 access. T1 lines are a popular leased line option for businesses connecting to the Internet and for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) connecting to the Internet backbone. The Internet backbone itself consists of faster T3 connections.