Definitions for "HDSL"
High data rate Digital Subscribe Line: Modems using one or more twisted pair wires to deliver T1 or E1 rates.
High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line. A technology to put two-way Tl/El service on normal unshielded twisted pair without repeaters up to 20,000 feet.
The earliest variation of DSL to be widely used has been HDSL (High bit-rate DSL), which is used for wideband digital transmission within a corporate site and between the telephone company and a customer. The main characteristic of HDSL is that it is symmetrical: an equal amount of bandwidth is available in both directions. For this reason, the maximum data rate is lower than for ADSL. HDSL can carry as much on a single wire of twisted-pair as can be carried on a T1 line in North America or an E1 line in Europe (2,320 Kbps).
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