Definitions for "Doping"
The addition of impurities to a semiconductor for the purpose of modifying its electrical conductivity; in this study it is hoped that doping with various elements (i.e. Ni) will increase the magnetoresistance.
The introduction of an element that alters the conductivity of a semiconductor. Adding boron to silicon will create a P-type (more positive) material, while adding phosphorus or arsenic to silicon will create N-type (more negative) material.
The substitution of atoms in a semiconductor by species of a different valence to the host species, such that extra charge carriers, electrons or positive holes, are introduced and the conductivity of the semiconductor is increased.
Using banned or illegal natural or synthetic chemicals to enhance athletic performance.
Using chemicals or substances to boost performance - usually refers to the use of substances that have been banned by the UCI.
official term used by the International Olympic Committee to depict the use of drugs in sports in attempts to enhance performance.
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the process of making p-type or n-type material.