Definitions for "Germanium"
A rare element, discovered in 1885 in a silver ore (argyrodite) at Freiberg. It is a brittle, silver-white metal, chemically intermediate between the metals and nonmetals, resembles tin, and is in general identical with the predicted ekasilicon. Symbol Ge. Atomic number 32. Atomic weight 72.59. It has excellent semiconductor properties, and is used in transistors and diodes.
A grayish-white metal having semiconductor properties.
A brittle, grayish-white metallic element having semiconductor properties. Widely used in crystal diodes and early transistors.
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A trace mineral.
A mineral found in some plants, coal deposits and soil. The germanium atom accepts and transmits electrons. Organic germanium is a synthetically produced compound used extensively in Japan to treat conditions associated with oxygen deficiency including cancer.