Definitions for "PIN Diode"
A semiconductor device used to convert optical signals to electrical signals in a receiver.
Acronym for positive-intrinsic-negative diode. A photodiode with a large, neutrally doped intrinsic region sandwiched between p-doped and n-doped semiconducting regions. Note: A PIN diode exhibits an increase in its electrical conductivity as a function of the intensity, wavelength, and modulation rate of the incident radiation. Diode Manufacturers Listing
A diode with a large intrinsic (non-doped) region sandwiched between highly conductive p and n doped semiconducting regions. Photons (light energy) absorbed in this region creates electron-hold pairs that are then separated by an electric field, generating an electric current. The PIN diode is a an important detector type, due to its simplicity, stability and bandwidth. May be made from silicon for short/visible wavelenghts, or 3-5 material (InGaAs/InP) for IR wavelengths.
a current controlled resistance