Definitions for "Acceptor"
Keywords:  valence, boron, indium, dopant, gallium
An atom which is likely to take on one or more electrons when placed in a crystal
An impurity that can make a semi-conductor P-type by causing the absence of electrons in the conduction band, called "holes". These "holes" are carriers of positive charge. See donor.
A dopant material, such as boron, which has fewer outer shell electrons than required in an otherwise balanced crystal structure, providing a hole, which can accept a free electron.
the person (or institution) who accepts a check or draft and becomes responsible for paying the party named in the draft when it matures
A drawee who confirms their debt by signing their acceptance on a bill of exchange.
The party that signs a draft or obligation, thereby agreeing to pay the stated sum at maturity.
a specific type of quencher that enables a separate mechanism to measure monkey cathepsin S proteolytic efficacy
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horse remaining in race after a key declaration stage
used to describe a horse, which has been declared to run in a race.
A horse that hs been declared to run in a race
a fluorescent molecule that adsorbs energy from the fluorescent donor and re-emits a portion of the energy as fluorescence
In resonant energy transfer, the molecule that receives the energy transfer and emits a photon.
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A business that has qualified to accept credit or debit cards as payment.
The organisation (usually a merchant: e.g. a shop, restaurant or mail order company) that accepts a card in payment.
The larger of two reactants that interact reversibly to form a complex.
The Bluetooth device receiving an action from another Bluetooth device. The device sending the action is called the initiator. The acceptor is typically part of an established link.
Peer entity that responds to a service request.
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a variable that can be assigned to but not evaluated
Party who accepts a payment card for provision of goods and services and presents transaction data to a Acquirer.
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One who accepts