Definitions for "Buffer Underrun"
A buffer underrun occurs when the system cannot keep up a steady stream of data as required by CD recording. The CD recorder has a buffer to protect against interruptions and slowdowns, but if the interruption is so long that the recorder’s buffer is completely emptied, a buffer underrun occurs, writing halts, and most often the recordable CD is irretrievably damaged.
A problem that may occur when writing CDs. The CD recorder requires a steady stream of data from the computer. If the stream is interrupted and recorder has used its buffer data, errors may occur. See Troubleshooting for more information on Buffer Underruns.
This happens when a system cannot supply information to the CD Recorder fast enough. The buffer of information is run out of data to write to the disc. Bus This term is used to describe the communication of data and information inside a computer. Information is traveled as a bus to different parts of the computer such as the processor, memory chips, hard drive, etc.