Definitions for "Stroller"
Matching tuxedo length coat to the cutaway. Worn with contrasting striped trousers, pearl vest, laydown collar shirt, and 4-in-hand tie.
This coat is cut like a regular coat as far as length. This coat has no satin lapel.
A semi-formal suit jacket in dark gray, cut like a tuxedo and worn during the day with striped trousers.
A light chairlike carriage with three of four wheels for transporting small children.
someone who walks at a leisurely pace
a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around
pushchair student learner of any age or level, even a pupil (schoolchild)
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One who strolls; a vagrant.
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Stroller (1950 - 1986) the only pony to compete at the Olympics in Show Jumping.
Keywords:  toddler, newborn, transport
a must to transport a newborn or toddler
Keywords:  nice, twins, parents, option
a nice option for parents of twins
Keywords:  tired, rest, place, legs
a must for all these places
a must for tired legs and a place to rest
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a must I think and the larger the better